Emergency Snow Survival Guide


Summary: Proper preparation can mean life or death in any emergency situation. If you find yourself in a scenario where you need to survive in the snow, your primary concern is to keep warm and find shelter.

A snowy environment is considered to be one of the most dangerous because it has the greatest risk to life if a person is ill equipped to withstand the freezing cold. If you are planning to go camping in winter weather it is important that you learn and prepare some important strategies on how to survive in the snow. There is a saying it is better to come prepared and not need to use it rather than be faced with an emergency situation where you literally have no idea on how you will survive. Here is a quick guide on emergency survival in the snow.

Preparation is Key
Preparation can save your life. This means that before trekking out in snowy weather you need to have the proper winter clothing and gear in order to protect yourself from the freezing cold. On top of a reliable winter jacket you also need to bring lots of clothing to layer it on your body for added warmth. You need to protect your head from the cold by wearing winter head protection gear as well as goggles to shield your eyes from a snowy blizzard. For your shoes make sure they are intended for winter weather and are water resistant. Your hands should always be protected from the freezing cold. This can be done through the use of winter gloves.

When faced with an emergency situation in the snow, keeping warm is essential for you to survive and your companion’s survival. If it is possible get to the nearest shelter and light a fire in order to keep warm. If all you have is wilderness look for a tall tree with enough leaves and branches so that it can form a canopy against the falling snow. If you are with a group make sure to account for all your companions. Huddle together so that your combined body heat would be able to generate enough heat to stabilize your body temperatures. Keep yourselves protected from frost bite. If you find that you are losing sensation on your fingers and toes this means that circulation in those body parts have stopped. If you do not address this, your extremities will die. Try to create friction in order to produce heat by rubbing your hands and feet frequently. If your clothes are wet, look for some dry leaves and place them inside your clothing to create insulation and warmth. Do not panic. Assess the situation and act accordingly based on your training and survival instincts.