Essentials of Survival Techniques in The Snow


There are five essential techniques of survival. These skills of survival needs to be understood by people who are adventurous and are often outdoors. It is usually advised that you should not panic but always need to use the knowledge of intelligence. It is good to practice all the five survival techniques before relying on them.

Snow survival should always be mastered in cold climate. This will help in battling snow storms during emergencies. It is a specialized skill to survive on snow. The first and foremost thing is that a snow survival kit should be at handy and at the reach always. This will help tremendously during the period of emergency. This kit has to be maintained at home, vehicle, as well the places that are often visited.

Snow Survival Kit and Tools
In the beginning stages of surviving on the snow water is one of the main sources than food. In snow survival, the person is literally surviving on snow. It should be kept in mind that while eating snow only small amounts of snow should be consumed. You should allow the snow to rest in the mouth for couple of seconds. This will help in avoiding the cooling of ice inside the body for long. When sleeping in the snow you should always ensure that all blankets, clothes are used so that it keeps you warm. You should always move in groups and remain together and tightly as possible with each other. You should also gain energy and try looking for shelter and help as the body will not remain for long periods in extreme cold conditions. This is one of the most dangerous situations and should be well prepared with all the training and survival skills.

The snow survival kit includes items like the supplies of first aid, knife, torch lights, batteries, matches, water, snacks, blankets and a cell phone that can be used for emergency. It is of vital importance to have knowledge in constructing a snow shelter.
There are various types of snow shelters that are widely used across the globe. The snow cave is one of the easiest to construct. For the construction of a snow cave any tool or the hands can be used. A shovel is required for constructing a well planed and a comfortable cave. There are certain steps that need to be followed in building a snow cave. They are the site needs to be chosen. Then, tunneling in should be done by shaving the cave, and finally the finishing touches to be provided. The snow caves can be quickly created by digging into the snow. The pack must be placed at the entrance hole. Evergreen bows should be used to insulate oneself from the ground. The survival pack needs to be used during emergency and a candle needs to be lighted. The site should be visible from the ground and air which help others to find.