Few Simple Tricks to Save you from Snowy Situations


Summary: An avid camper, a hiker lost in the mountains, a victim of a plane crash or an accident, a lost adventurer in the Swiss Alps, lost way in the woods or an unknown long power cut at your home, there are a multitude of such scenarios that require instant help and known survival techniques to swim out of the hurdles.

Did you know that 50 % of the Northern Hemisphere is categorized under the cold regions of the world?

One cannot predict or control the weather. Even though we have meteorological techniques that can predict a snowfall or a snow storm, sometimes they fail when it comes to forces of nature. These situations can be hazardous whether you are at home, office or on foot walking to a place, a sandstorm situation or a heavy snowfall may get hold of you in the middle of nowhere. Often the snowy conditions lead to health issues and concerns like hypothermia where exposure to snow even for a shorter period is harmful, frostbite where your skin gets too freezing cold that it turns black and blue with blisters, snow blindness due to ultraviolet lights striking all of a sudden. However, with a few survival techniques, one may very conveniently and effortless walk out of these dangers.

Survive through the Snow Effortlessly
Always keep a map or a compass handy and make notes of the familiar landmarks. This will help you keep yourself updated while you feel that you might have lost your way.
If the surroundings you are in are new to you, then you may need to make a snow shelter for yourself before it gets dark. Dig out a tunnel that is synonymous to your body size and cover it with all the clothes that you have in your bag. This serves as the roof top and for the flooring to keep your body warm against the snow. Digging snow saves you from the hypothermia condition too.
If you find the snow really deep, more than five feet of height, then the best and safest way is to dig out a snow cave.
Rehydrate yourself. Drink plenty of water. This is the best way to survive even when you cannot have food. One can never face issues with finding a source of water as melted snow or stream water is an excellent source.
Signaling for help is one act of creativity that will help you thaw the snowy issues. Use shiny devices like mirror, CDs, colorful clothes to signal. These things not only stand out in the blanket of snow but also provide great survival means.

By knowing a few tips and tricks to survive in these unfortunate conditions, you can make a whole lot of difference to someone’s life or even your own at times of despair. Making your way out of the blackout conditions with the help of survival techniques will not only help you but also your co-people who are going through the same miserable conditions.