Snow Blizzard Survival Tips


Summary: A snow blizzard is basically a severe type of snow storm. The primary goal when stuck in a blizzard is to keep warm. Assess the situation, stay put and if possible call the authorities.

Each year there is a record number of people that have lost their lives because they were not prepared to survive in a snow blizzard. Below zero temperatures are not uncommon during blizzards; this is the primary reason why you should know some important tips for survival should you find yourself stuck in the middle of a severe snow storm.

Your number one enemy when it comes to blistering cold weather like in snow blizzards is hypothermia. When your body temperature drops, your vital functions begin to slow down and soon you will eventually die if you are not able to arrest the deteriorating situation. If you are in the wilderness try to quickly find shelter. If your clothes are not keeping you warm enough, grab as many dry leaves as you can and place them inside your existing clothing. This will help create an insulating pocket that will help stabilize your body temperature. If you happen to find yourself stuck in your vehicle during a snow blizzard the same principles apply. Try to keep warm. Look for some blankets and huddle together if you have others with you. Your combined body heat will keep you warm and prevent freezing. If you happen to notice that your hands and feet are pale and beginning to feel numb then you are experiencing the first symptoms of frost bite. Create friction by rubbing your hands and feet constantly in order to induce circulation and prevent the circulation of blood from freezing.

Panic Only Makes it Worse
Do not panic because this will only make your current situation worse. Try to look for whatever resources you have with you like food and water as well as a flashlight or an emergency kit. If you are stuck in your car during a blizzard, use your car to keep warm. Call 911 and inform authorities where your location is so that they can get to you as soon as possible. Keep your vehicle lights on so that other cars that are traversing the road would be able to see you. Try to drive by the side of the road for better safety against oncoming cars.

If you are in the wilderness and there is a blizzard, try to look for a cave or any place where you can take refuge. Start a fire immediately in order to keep warm and call authorities to inform them of your situation. Do not attempt to walk through a snow blizzard because not only is it dangerous you also stand the chance of getting lost because of the zero visibility.