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Before we know it school will be out so it’s time to start planning your summer camping trip. If you want a great adventure with a few more luxuries than tent camping try a houseboat on Lake Powell.  I promise you everyone will love this trip. The kids, the parents and yes even the younger grandparents will love this trip.

I have taken a houseboat 3 times on Lake Powell.  I live in California so it’s not too hard for my husband and our 2 kids to drive to Lake Powell. That means we get to do most of the hard work. The rest of the families (about 10 people) have to fly in from the east coast.  Those from the east coast just pack their suitcases, fly in, rent a car and meet us at Lake Powell.


SOME TIPS FOR PLANNING THE TRIP (the ones doing all the work)

  1. Book your trip early—like now for summer 2014
  2. If you have a ski boat or jet skis bring them with you. You will tow these behind the houseboat and use them a lot.
  3. Figure out how much you think people will eat and buy tons of food.  I had to buy food for 14 for a week and storage is not easy. Buy some fresh stuff but plan on using packaged foods. Don’t ask what people want if you are buying it all, just buy it. I know we will all survive. We always buy our food at Costco in Vegas and almost die packing it in 110 degree weather in the parking lot.
  4. Buy lots of water and other drinks.
  5. Bring music, cards, games, books, cameras, hand radios and your dog.
  6. Your cell phone will work sometimes.


That a good start on what you will need.  Have a great time it will be a real adventure and everyone will want to go again.


Some pics of the beautiful scenery.